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Nottingham Trent University Consultancy and Economic Evaluation

Economic Strategy Research Bureau (ESRB).

Nottingham Economics.


UK Government Links

Department for Communities and Local Government (2010). Environmental Impact Assessment: A Guide to Procedures [online].

Department for Transport (DfT) (2009). COBA Manual [online].

Department for Transport (DfT) (2009a), Impact Assessment of the Carbon Reduction Strategy for Transport, Low Carbon Transport: A Greener Future [online].

Donovan, C. (2013). A Holistic Approach to Valuing our Culture: a Report to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport [online].

H.M. Treasury Green Book.

H.M. Treasury Magenta Book.

H.M. Treasury (2006). Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change [online].

Transport for London (tfl) (2007). Central London Congestion Charging Scheme:
Ex-Post Evaluation of the Quantified Impacts of the Original Scheme


Other Teaching and Learning Resources

FDTL5 Teaching and Learning Projects



Mathematics for Economics Teaching and Learning (ME:TAL)

This website provides lecturers and students with a selection of free learning resources designed to engage Level 1 students more fully and enthusiastically in mathematics for economics.


Finance and Economics Experimental Laboratory at Exeter (FEELE)

This website provides a broad selection of experiments in finance and economics.



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