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The CBA Builder is a free interactive resource which provides detailed information and practical application of Cost Benefit Analysis.

This web resource can be used as a teaching and learning resource, or equally as a training tool. Moreover, the CBA Builder can be practically used to perform Cost Benefit Analysis on a project or scheme. Economics Network Case Study.

The site is split into a number of sections. The online textbook area of the website is contained in the CBA Explained, Quantification, Discounting, and Results sections of the site. These sections explore the theory and methodology of CBA with reference to academic texts. Sections deal with important aspects of performing CBAs including quantification, discounting to present value, and presenting CBA results.

The site also includes a number of downloadable exercises and worksheets and the CBA Builder, a Microsoft Excel based CBA construction tool. These are accessible through the Downloads drop down menu. CBA Builder Simple allows users to construct a CBA using a number of separate tabs, and is particularly suitable for teaching and learning applications. CBA Builder Advanced allows detailed CBAs to be constructed. CBA Builder Advanced is therefore suitable for more in-depth practical applications of CBA, or more advanced teaching and learning applications.

Please note that where the CBA Builder is used, please clearly acknowledge this by referencing this resource. I am also happy to receive any feedback and suggestions for amendments to the site content and CBA Builder tool. Thank you!

CBA Builder Site News

June 2014: Site update to content on Economic Impact Assessment (EIA) with thanks to Chris Lawton (ESRB, Nottingham Trent University).

January 2013: Site update to web links and references.

March 2012: Update including, (1) additional content on discount rates, and; (2) two new exercises on the London Congestion Charge, and assessing CBA options.

December 2011: Site update including new website layout and link to Economics Network Case Study.

August 2011: Site update including: (1) new CBA Builder Simple worksheet, Worksheet 4: Redevelopment Project.

June 2011: Site update including: (1) new section under 'CBA Explained' ... 'Specific forms of CBA' dealing with economic impact assessment, input-output analysis, and multiplier effects, and; (2) other updates to online textbook material including what is CBA?.

March 2011: Site update including: (1) new worksheet (collaboration with Surender Munjal, University of Leeds); (2) updates to CBA Simple and Advanced (now version 1.3), including new CBA Period Sensitivity Analysis in CBA Builder Advanced; (3) CBA Builder Simple and Advanced Combined Instruction Manual, and; (4) a Flash Guide to Using CBA Builder Simple.

Jan 2011: Site update including: (1) new worksheets; (2) updates to CBA Simple and Advanced (now version 1.2), and; (3) CBA Builder Simple and Advanced Combined Instruction Manual.

Oct 2010: Site goes live!








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This resource was created by Dr Dan Wheatley. The project was funded by the Economics Network and the Centre for Education in the Built Environment (CEBE) as part of the Teaching and Learning Development Projects 2010/11.


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